The worst travel experiences of our adventurers

Julia (Peakture):
“Only corn plants and no end in sight!”

During a work & travel year in Australia, Julia works mostly in the agricultural industry to finance her travels. For her upcoming road trip in New Zealand she works herself through corn fields for weeks. On her knees, she has to break off the shoots of the corn. Between all these plants, Julia can’t see the end of the fields that now seem endless. Only the goal in front of her eyes, her trip through New Zealand, keeps her going. On her last day at work, she holds the hard-earned money in her hands, ready to leave for New Zealand the next morning. But shortly before taking the cab to the airport, she realizes that her wallet with all her cash and her bank cards got stolen in the hostel. Without money, she can’t start her journey and her work was all for nothing! She is in despair. But her parents have compassion and transfer her the money she needs for her planned trip.

“Even though losing the hard-earned money was a very painful experience and definitely no great start, the trip through new Zealand was one of the best I ever had. I’ll never forget laying on the beach, listening to the sound of the sea and seeing Mt. Cook in the distance.”

“My heart was in my mouth!“

Philipp‘s most bizarre travel experience happens in China. After a cancelled flight and chaotic changes in his flight schedule he arrives at the domestic airport in Beijing with a two day delay, but needs to get to the international airport rather quickly. He therefore needs to traverse the city: first with the subway, then with a taxi. To avoid getting ripped-off he asks the cab driver for the prize in advance. To make sure the driver doesn’t add unnecessary kilometers to drive up the meter, he runs a maps app on his phone. Suddenly, the cab driver takes a sharp turn, leaves the fastest route, stops in a dark alley and turns off the headlights.

“I thought he might kill me now, steal all my stuff and ditches my body in some bushes outside Beijing.”

Philipp staggers between flight or fight. But then it turns out that the driver “only” wants double the fare.
“Up to this day, I don’t know why I didn’t just agree to his request but told him that this wasn’t what we had agreed on.” Worrisome minutes pass until the driver reacts to what Philipp had said. Eventually, he just says “OK”, turns the car back on and drives Philipp to the airport. Seems like it was worth the try … !