First winner of the #webastoXperience



Christina Dieß,
but all my friends call me Tina


Home town:
Ried im Innkreis (Upper Austria)

What’s your favorite leisure activity?

My boyfriend and I do various activities in the mountains. Depending on the season we are either on our bikes, go mountaineering or on a ski tour. I also stuck to horse-riding.

Do you have any road trip experiences? If so, tell us about them!

Up to this point I didn’t have any real road trip experiences, except from our bike trip from Innsbruck to Venice and back. About two years ago we bought MTBs and we love to explore our surrounding ever since. This year we decided to cycle over the Brenner Pass and all the way to Venice. It was a great experience but unfortunately our bikes were stolen on the very last day and we had to head home without them. But we got new MTBs in the meantime.

Why did you participate in the Webasto sweepstake?

Funnily enough, I really stumbled upon the sweepstake randomly and the whole announcement got my attention in a heartbeat. We wanted to travel to Scandinavia for a long time and so I participated without hesitation. On top of that, I think it’s really exciting to discover new places without being tied to a single space. We had thought about doing a road trip before that but we were never sure if we would really enjoy it.
The sweepstake offered us the perfect possibility to give it a try.

What is it about a journey you are looking forward to the most?

What I am anticipating the most is exploring an environment completely new to us; to experience adventures together and gather beautiful impressions. This is what relaxation and not thinking about work means to us.

What do you connect with the „21°C-feeling“?

As I am very sensitive to cold, the 21°C-feeling is my guarantee for a cozy atmosphere and that I don’t have to freeze.