Second winner of the #webastoXperience


Nico Frank


Home town:
Fürstenfeldbruck, near Munich

What’s your favorite leisure activity?

That’s not an easy question for me. Primarily, I try to make my whole life feel like leisure. 😉 Apart from that, I shoot short films for YouTube, skate for more than ten years now, do fingerboarding as well (yes, fingerboard) and read a lot. I am hooked to new experiences and love to travel which is getting along quite well with my work.

Do you have any road trip experiences? If so, tell us about them!

Actually, I do. Just this spring I bought a car in New Zealand on the internet and got the car key delivered to my doorstep here in Germany. I took a plane around the Globe, got into the car in Christchurch and drove for 1 ½ months up and down the North- and South Island. I sold the car three hours before my flight back to Germany.

Why did you participate in the Webasto sweepstake?

Well, with the sweepstake you hit the nail right on the head.😊 I basically had no chance but participate.

What is it about a journey you are looking forward to the most?

Nature, silence, the cozy van, the skate parks, the people and the film I was able to shoot during my trip.

What do you connect with the „21°C-feeling“?

Away from the laptop and into the skate session! 😉