Pure nature and a lot more in Sweden

Outdoormädchen Corinna has loved the mountains since her early childhood days and she did not actually stay in a hotel on holiday until she was 26 years old! Being outdoors and to be active in the outdoors is what Corinna likes the most. All of this, added to a talent for photography, and a passion for writing, led to the creation of her blog. On there, you can find reports of her experiences on mountaineering tours, photos of breathtaking views and reviews of different types of sports.

Corinna’s webastoXperience will feature hiking, sport, animals, and, of course, great pictures, too, as she will be going on a journey through the South of Sweden.

Typically Sweden

Her first activity on her adventure with the Xperience Car will be to go on a hike on the Järnleden, the Iron Trail. In past times, this trail was used to transport iron from the mining areas to the rest of the country. Today, it is very popular with hikers, as it offers everything one could wish for when hiking in Sweden: thick forest, meadows, fields, lakes – and, naturally, the red wooden houses that are so typically Sweden!

Checked all the clichés about Sweden off the list? Of course not!

Impressive landscapes are not the only must-see when going to Sweden, there is the wildlife, too. This is why Corinna and her husband, Nico, will be going on an elk safari. On a guided tour of Sweden’s ‘most southern wilderness’, they will learn about the country’s flora and fauna, before then entering the biggest untapped woodland of South Sweden on their own; the Tresticklan national park.

What is still missing? That’s right, water!

In the national marine park of the Koster Islands, Corinna and Nico will get to know Sweden’s coastline, its islands, rocky bays and beaches. From their kayak, the two of them will be able to explore, almost soundlessly, some of the 12,000 indigenous plant and animal species. Diving right into the deep blue water is possible from one of the many cliffs – but is this really advisable in September?

Nature as far as the eye can see – and then, coming home

Woods, meadows, animals, moor and ocean will make up a big part of their hikes on their webastoXperience through Sweden but, despite the long distances on their way which they will cover by car and on foot, they can always look forward to the same four welcoming walls. After all, their home base is the Xperience Car! It does not matter whether it is raining, snowing, or there is a storm outside, inside there is always that cosy feeling for the two outdoor enthusiasts.