„For us, the webastoXperience Car was just great. You could compare it to a Kinder Surprise Egg. We were amazed by all the equipment and surprised whenever we found out about a new feature it has. Driving with the van was very comfortable. I like driving cars that are bigger a lot, because the seat is a bit higher which gives you a very good overview on the street.“

How did you feel when you got the news you won the journey with the webastoXperience Car? What thoughts ran through your head?

When I heard we won the trip I was totally stoked about it. Originally, Lukas and I wanted to go mountain biking in Spain in early October but then cancelled the trip. That’s why I was so happy that we can now go on vacation after all. On top of that, I always wanted to do a road trip. My brother and his family travelled through Sweden with a van some time ago. When I saw the photos and heard his stories I was convinced to do this kind of trip in Scandinavia on my own.
Afterwards I asked myself a lot of questions: How will all of this go down? How do we find places to stay overnight? Where are we actually going? Actually, you start asking yourself were mundane questions like hopefully we can take a shower on a regular basis 😊!

How would you describe your journey in three words?

When I think about the vacation, I think these three words describe the journey as a whole the best:
Freedom: being capable of driving wherever you want.
Culinary: because Lukas always prepared super tasty food in the bus.
Diverse: Beach, rocky coasts, far-reaching woods.

What was your personal highlight? What do you think you will particularly remember in five years’ time?

Honestly, the whole journey was a highlight. The Jammerbugten in Lokken. We drove with the bus by the beach.
The elk safari was an especially animalistic highlight.
Paddling with a canoe on a lake in the early morning.

Do you have any tips and tricks for people who want to travel to Sweden?

Sweden in the fall is incredibly beautiful and definitely worth the visit. There are not many people travelling at this time of the year so you easily get a pitch on the camping sites. There are many apps that help with looking for camping sites and pitches. In addition, there are no more mosquitos. These little things can really become a pest in the summer time.

You had a pre-heating system in your car: How did this feel and in which way did you benefit from it?

We used the pre-heating every evening and night, so it was always nice and warm. The air from the heating was very pleasant, too.

How did you get along with operating the pre-heating system?

I got along with operating the system very well and very fast, too. I liked the timer mode very much, so we could heat the bus during night time and didn’t need to freeze.

„The trip with the Webasto van was truly one of a kind and we enjoyed the independence that came with it so much. We were able to prepare our favorite meals and to stay wherever we felt like doing so. It is exactly the kind of freedom that we love and which we try to live up to it in our free time. To be honest, I miss the time in the van and look back smiling at what we experienced.“