„Diverse, cozy and exciting!“

Up until now, the Xperience Car was mostly out in the nature. You, however, spent most of your trip in Copenhagen. Which advantages does such a van have in the city?

A big advantage for us was that after our skate sessions in the cold we could return to the warm car. Pretty useful, especially when you are still sweaty.


When and how did you use the pre-heating?

Every time we got in the car. Most of the times we put it on a couple of minutes earlier to have the car pre-heated. As we had outside temperatures of 4-5 degree, the whole trip would have been pretty exhausting without the heating system. This way, we could go camping this time of the year. The heating ran all night, so we could sleep in the van just wearing a t-shirt. That brought us lots of joy.

What was your personal highlight of the journey?

On the last day of our journey we arrived at the most northern point of Denmark. We left the van at the last parking lot. Then walked for another 15 minutes until we reached a massive sand bank. This is where North Sea and Baltic Sea meet. It didn’t go any further north than that 😉


Do you have any insider tips for people travelling in Denmark?

There is a street on the west coast that can only be used during low tide. After about 8 km this road takes you to ‘Mandø’. It’s so beautiful! And some very important advice: No matter where you park your car, don’t forget to set a parking disc. Even if it’s only a couple of minutes at the supermarket. The Danes can’t take a joke on that 😉