3 Bloggers, 2 carts and 14 Huskies

Jacqueline, Julia and Marc hear the ear-splitting barking of around 35 Alaskan huskies from far away. The animal lovers are already full of anticipation for the meeting with the four-legged creatures and eager to find out what driving a cart pulled by seven dogs will be like.

The dogs notice the newcomers instantly and their excitement further increases when they finally see the three bloggers. There is so much jostling and competition for the front row that Ellen, the pack leader, simply cannot miss them. You might almost think that it was a great honour to be chosen to pull Julia, Jacqueline and Marc around the region. But, of course, only the enjoyment of the work and the desire to physically exercise are behind the excitement. The two brothers Rocket and Stark are among the “chosen ones” this time and lead from the front as a duo.

After some brief instructions from the pack leader Ellen, it begins. No, not the tour. First, the dogs’ harnesses are tightened and the cart is clamped. The three Peaktures are involved right from the start and after a short time they hear the pitter-patter of the dogs over and over. But that’s par for the course when you are right in the middle of the pack.

Yet the dogs’ excitement immediately dies down once the harnesses are tightened – the complete silence is evidence of the concentration of the animals. They are simply focused on pulling the cart forwards. After Ellen says “Go” they are finally on their way. Two teams of seven dogs pull away from the husky farm at a rapid pace.

“The energy of the animals and the speed were really impressive! And although Ellen warned us that the huskies tend to cut corners, and we should take a wide approach with the cart, we still almost ended up in a ditch shortly afterwards!” But over time, the three of them learn how to handle the dogs and cart and can enjoy the passing landscape.

While the huskies become very hot in their thick coats, despite the outdoor temperature being just 8°C, and have to regularly take short breaks to drink and cool down, the adventurers begin to slowly freeze after about 1.5 hours. But even on the go, they can use their app to turn on the heating in the Xperience Car and look forward to a snug vehicle on their return.

Alone on an open lake

On the other hand, the canoe tour on Øyangen Rundt Lake is much quieter and more relaxed than being in the husky cart. With two canoes the Peaktures paddle across the water all alone. There are little islets all over the lake and the cloudy mountain landscape in the background creates a thoughtful, autumnal atmosphere. The highlight of this tour is the short break on an island, where the guide serves them a hot cup of coffee and local reindeer stew with cranberries by the campfire. There is simply nothing better in such weather!

Out of nature, into civilisation!

But all the experiences with nature and animals have to finally come to an end on a ten-day tour. For Peakture the trip ends in Oslo. They spend two days there sightseeing in civilisation before leaving the Xperience Car and returning to Germany. They are left with fantastic experiences in a truly beautiful country! And, of course, an extra 1-2 kilograms on the hips, which they gained thanks to Norwegian baked delicacies: combinations of caramel, salt, chocolate, liquorice or coconut and custard. Hmmm, you’re about to start dreaming …

The Xperience Car, on the other hand, receives a completely different wellness programme: the tank is filled up and it is cleaned thoroughly both inside and outside; it is now ready for its next tour in Sweden. Outdoor enthusiast Corinna will head south through Sweden. We are already looking forward to what awaits us on the next webastoXperience!