Home is where you park it

What does ‘being at home’ mean to you? For many of us, it means a cosy spot next to a crackling fireplace or lying on a comfy sofa under a soft blanket. Relaxation and relief after a long and stressful day.

All around the world at home

However, many outdoor and travel bloggers feel at home all around the world. Travelling to foreign places, landscapes and cultures is what creates the feeling of ‘being at home’ for them. However, even they look forward to coming back home to a cosy, comfortable environment after an exhausting alpine tour or a challenging trail run on gruelling terrain.

Adventure trip, but still return home every night –
is it possible?

Our opinion is, that with a vehicle which creates a comfortable environment, regardless of the surroundings and outside temperature, this dream becomes reality!

The travel and outdoor bloggers, Peakture, Outdoormädchen and Philipp Reiter, think so, too, and look forward to their road trips with the webastoXperience Car. We equipped the car with the AirTop 2000 STC parking heater, so they can take the feeling of being at home with them on the road – the 21°C-feeling is guaranteed. Comfy furnishings will do the rest.

On a winter journey through Europe

We will be joining the three bloggers on their journeys through Europe and will witness live when they talk about their adventures and experiences. Always there: the webastoXperience Car, which brings the “just like home” feeling to Norway, Sweden or the Alps.