The best travel experiences of our adventurers

Marc (Peakture):
A winter experience at Großglockner – in the middle of Summer!

Wind speed up to 60 km/h, snow and bad vision: not the best conditions for climbing in a high mountain range. Highly concentrated and focused Marc and his companions proceed on the dangerous way towards the peak. The snowflakes on their faces feel like thousand little stitches. Nevertheless, they all stick together and no one thinks of quitting. When they reach the first summit the Kleinglockner, the hardships are almost forgotten. But a severe difficulty is still ahead of the mountaineers: The ridge walk along the Glocknerscharte (‘ Glockner ridge’) with extreme winds. A glance to the left and the right into the deep gives a presentiment what a misstep will lead to. However, there is not much time to overthink the situation as the group needs to keep focused on their way to the peak. Eventually, when they reach the summit cross of Großglockner they feel so much joy and hug each other; happy, relieved, and a little bit proud of what they accomplished together.

“This great experience has shown me, what one can accomplish with persistence. You only live in the moment, so you can fully embrace your current situation. Sharing this sense of achievement with my team means everything to me.”

Corinna (Outdoormädchen):
The Che Guevara via ferrata at Lake Garda – “up a brute wall”

The rock looks unconquerable to Corinna from down in the valley. 4-5 hours takes the via ferrata and the exhaustion it will take is not assessable from down there. During her ascent Corinna is caught in-between an adrenaline rush and being concerned if her strength and endurance will be enough for the rest of her journey. This unparalleled combination brings a unique thrill to climbing and gives Corinna an intense experience of which she cherishes every second. Therefore she is very proud once she reaches the peak.

“The Tibetan upland – simply astonishing!”

Philipp had his best travel experience so far in Tibet. A strenuous 30 hours arrival is followed by another 90 tiring minutes on a very loud bus on a bumpy road. Finally, he reaches his shelter but as everything took longer than expected it is already dark outside. He is exhausted and falls into his bed immediately. The next morning, he opens the blinds and in one fell swoop he is compensated for all his exhaustions.

“You look into the vastness of the Tibetan upland, the golden roof of a temple shines in some distance and on the meadow in front of the hotel graze some yaks. Just astonishing!!!”