Almost like Neverland

A small plain ‘N’ on a tree marks one of Outdoormädchen’s most impressive destinations in Sweden. On a steep path, secured only by some old, worn-down ropes, they climb down to the coast of Mölle. After a couple of meters they reach the driftwood steps that lead our adventurers to a breathtaking piece of art.


Ten-meter high towers out of driftwood

At the bottom of the stairs, a huge gate half below the subsoil awaits Corinna and Nico and leads them to a fascinating castle made purely of driftwood. The two of them feel like Peter Pan on his adventures in Neverland and they start exploring the magical world. However, they weren’t so brave as to climb one of the more than ten-meter high towers – despite their childlike cheekiness ?

The Nimis castle was built by artist Lars Vilks in the 1980s, which took him several years, lots of energy and sweat and many, many nails. However, as the castle is as big as a house and in the middle of a conservation area, there was a long discussion as to whether the artwork should be allowed to stay. Despite (or maybe because of) the order to tear it down, it became such a magnet for visitors that in the meantime it is at least tolerated.

“The descent to the castle and the ascent back to the hiking trail were very demanding, but for us it was definitely worth it!”

Scrambling for the cache and collecting for dinner

It is also demanding to collect geocaches on the archipelago Saltö. After a small picnic on the beach, Corinna and Nico crest the first rocks, searching for the popular caches. And there are lots of them in the marine national park! They need to put a lot of effort into it and show complete commitment! To go mushrooming in Traryd is much more relaxing. Thanks to the advice of their Swedish friends and the go-getting nose of their dog Karla, their yield is quite impressive!

Finishing the trip off with some sightseeing and a lot of cozyfeeling

As Peakture did in Norway, Outdoormädchen conclude their journey with a short trip to the city. She and her husband visit the cities of Malmö and Lund in the south of Sweden. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t quite on their side and a short period of sunshine is followed by hours of rain. But they could still get a good impression of the harbor city and dry off and get warm again in the pre-heated Xperience Car at the end of every day ?